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Facelift Radio Plus vs Navigation Plus (Tech Pack Advanced) - and does the 8V have full postcode search?

audigex Mar 26, 2017

  1. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    So I'm coming from a 2012 Audi A3 Black Edition Quattro 8P (last generation), and looking to upgrade to this year's equivalent-ish model, minus the Quattro.

    I currently have the Navigation Plus (RNS-E) system, which doesn't have full postcode search and has, frankly, always done my head in. The nav system itself is great, but the lack of full postcode is just infuriating.

    So first up, because it's a dealbreaker do we get 7 digit postcode search yet?

    Second... how worthwhile is the MMI Navigation Plus over the MMI Radio Plus? Is it worth the extra £1.5k? I can't work out the difference

    I'm particularly looking at this section when I click the tech pack info on the Tech Pack Advanced: "Detailed route information: map preview, choice of alternative routes, POIs, lane recommendations, motorway exits, detailed junction maps and more"... does that mean the regular navigation doesn't include those things?
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  3. DorsetGuy

    DorsetGuy Registered User

    I have the MMI Radio plus, and was also equally confused before choosing the car spec. I can do a postcode search, it can be slow at times and unless in 4G, or parked on me drive and still seeing wi-fi, it can seem like it is doing nothing. It will find a text based search much quicker than a postcode.

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  4. audigex

    audigex Registered User

    Thanks :) they really don't make it clear - weird, especially considering the partial postcode search was such a frustration to so many of us using the RNS-E

    I've also just discovered that the car can use Apple's CarPlay, so I guess I can just use Apple Maps instead of the built in navigation if I find it's an issue - I didn't realise that was an option, so that's great.

    I ended up going for the Technology Pack anyway, I decided if I'm spending this much on a car then I may as well have the cool spaceship dashboard :p

    So, that's my second A3 ordered! (As long as my company car scheme can get the order through before the Salary Sacrifice rules change in a couple of weeks). Strange to be buying basically the same car as I did 5 years ago, but at the same time... there's a reason I bought it back then, and I still don't think Mercedes or BMW have caught up with the Audi overall
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