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Radio always turned on

Josh Newman Oct 12, 2020

  1. Josh Newman

    Josh Newman Registered User

    Hey guys so I'm stumped I have a couple of problems the other day I went to start the car and it started ran for 3 secs and then died on me and will not start at all now just turns over so I've had it put on a flat bed all the way back to my house. Up on closer inspection when I turn the key the fuel pump is not priming so I take it that has packed up. So I been told to tap the top of the pump under the back seat and try and start it so tried that and nothing happened so I got the spare key and tried again and it primed and fired right up fine. So I tried again with the normal key and it worked again. After this I thought I'll go and get some fuel and I try starting with the main key again and it ran for 3 secs and died again no fuel pump noise.

    While this is all happening when the car was dropped off the cars radio has its back light on like I have left my lights on but there is no radio station on it and I can't turn it off at all even with keys out and it's locked. I'm so confused someone help!!

    Sorry for the long explanation

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  3. hendo#1

    hendo#1 Registered User

    I’d be looking at the ignition key & contacts on the back of it with what your describing.

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