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Raceism and Vag Event 2013

daniel.ireland Feb 13, 2013

  1. daniel.ireland

    daniel.ireland Member

    wSomeone is going to Poland this Year ?

    Raceism event starts 22.06 till 24.06 in Wroclaw
    Last year was like that

    But this event is only for members or U can send spec of Your car with pics to
    raceism@raceism.pl till end or aprill.

    announced the arrival of
    lowfamilia [Germany],
    rub and roll [Russia],
    oij-oij [Sweden],
    lawsrab [France],
    shovwstation [Czech rep.],
    violent [sweden],
    flgn-tlt [germany],
    stylepoznan [poland],
    southerncapital [sweden],
    rapidoz [germany],
    bellyrubbers [belarus],
    wescrape [sweden],
    sthlm(s)low [sweden].
    Vagclubislands Ireland

    Hotel cost 15£ fo 2 with breakfast per night
    Entrance 12£, that's ticket also cover entrance and transfer to afterparty ;) but not drinks ;)

    Week after 29-30.06 Vag Event

    VAG EVENT 2010 - full - YouTube
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  3. gen.heinz guderian

    gen.heinz guderian Well-Known Member

    Where in Wroclaw is it?

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