R8 V8 Manual - few teething issues...


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Hi there got a 2008 R8 last week and fair to say I love it!
Got 3 issues

1) Cold start - the revs are not consistent, they go up to 1200, dip down a little, up again etc. Lasts 30 seconds then drops to 800 and holds steady. Is this normal? I've heard the cold start program can be removed with a map?

2) Slight rattle seemingly coming from above the right exhaust pipe - mainly at about 2000rpm, as though there is a bit of metal loose. Car has a Quicksilver system on it

3) Main issue - stalls a lot. I am used to driving manuals and am a skilled driver, can heel & toe, blip on downshifts, am used to Porsches, Boxsters & 911s, have never had an issue. Seems that on pulling away it is easy to stall without using say 3000RPM. On hills in traffic it is almost impossible, and I can only edge forward by using really high revs like 5000. The car seems to blip itself if it thinks it is going to stall which then makes me lift off. I have to say that the car does not ha ve the option of the hill hold assist - it has the option for that not being present. Also if I give the car a very light blip of the throttle in neutral - a brief tap of throttle at maybe 5% opening, the car nearly stalls and then blips itself to recover. Once the car is moving over about 5-8MPH there is no issue at any speed and it behaves as you'd expect a normal car to, heel and toe / blips are no problem, it seems to be at very low speed / low revs that this issue manifests

The car had spark plugs 1 year & 10,000 miles ago. It has never had a carbon clean or fuel filter & has done 53,500 miles.

Any suggestions please - number 3 is the concern here.


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Hooking it up to be checked out sounds best.

With regard to the rattle. Friend had a Quicksilver exhaust on his and had a similar rattle as well. If i remember it was a panel that wasn't quite put back properly that was rattling when they dismantled lots of the car to fit the exhaust. And his was brand new.

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Perhaps similar issue, we had a manual S5 V8 and it was almost impossible to pull away from low revs without stalling unless it was rev'd high as you say. Afaik the S5 at least had anti stall software that flared the revs a bit when moving away but apparently it is rubbish!


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The stalling is the MAF & Air filters garage has told me, plus I'm having a carbon clean for good measure whilst it's in there. Gonna be sick when I pick it up tomorrow! It's done 54k miles so carbon clean should pep it up a little