R8 V10 (4S) - Engine milage/susceptibility


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Greetz together!

Like the title already says - i have some question about the V10 engine from the R8 4S (2015-2018):
  • any problems with milage? I found one with 38k miles, you see any problems for the next years?
  • any bigger problems with the wohle drive train?
  • feel free to share more experience about that modell

Thanks in advance!


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Mileage is not an issue on these things, the highest miler in the UK is something like 250k miles, I live in europe and mileages are generally much higher than the UK and are not mollycoddled like they can be in the UK. I use mine most days all year round and it lives outside, it is an Audi and should be treated like any other. Worth noting this is an Audi designed and built engine + drivetrain not a Lamborghini.

The engine is something like 85-90% the same as the race car engine so is more than capable of being used as Audi intended.

I bought my base 2017 late 2019 and is a weapon, the engine is so hungry for revs and loves being in the top end yet as easy as an A3 to drive around town, put it in auto and go to the shops. IMO you must have the sports exhaust and the 20 inch rims. I average low to mid 20s on the mway and late teens overall.
I looked at high power turbo engines (911/McLaren/AMG etc) and nothing came anywhere near the noise, revs, responsiveness of the v10......it is an awesome thing.

Ask away but 38k miles would cause me no issues at all.