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Quotemehappy - previous years premium

/dev/null Nov 30, 2018

  1. /dev/null

    /dev/null Registered User

    I am with Quotemehappy and I have received an email from them as follows:

    We’re writing to you to tell you that at your last renewal on 02.04.2018 we should have made some information clearer in your renewal invitation email, as follows:

    1. We should have shown the price for this year alongside the price for last year in a clearer way
    2. Our reminder for you to shop around should have been more prominent
    We’re sorry we got this wrong. We’ve addressed these issues in our renewal invites going forwards.

    As a reminder, here is the information again but now in one place.

    The email goes on to say that I can phone up if I feel my decision to renew would have been affected if I had had all the information in one place. So to try it on a bit, I did just that. The lady on the phone said they were offering to let customers cancel without a fee and would round up their no claims if they did, however I said I would need more time to think about it. Do you think there's any chance I could say I was mis-sold the policy and ask for the premium (or at least pro-rata) back? After all, the price of policies now is different to what it was back then. :)
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  3. WesT-gefül

    WesT-gefül Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter

    If you hadn’t got the email would you have cared. You should know to shop around. If you’re too lazy to go out and get new quotes. These are the type of claims that cost everyone more. Get on your bike.
  4. /dev/null

    /dev/null Registered User

    Only the same as people claiming back PPI.
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  5. sliced

    sliced Drive safe, stay alive.

    I quite like QMH - there is no admin fees on policy changes!

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