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Quote: A4 B7 2.0 FSI Turbo Remap

mc_88 Oct 9, 2012

  1. mc_88

    mc_88 New Member

    Hi There

    I have a 2007 A4 B7 2.0 FSI Turbo and wanted a price on how much it would be for a remap? I see that you do two remaps (AMD) and (Revo) and was wandering if you could tell me what the difference between the two were? And because I have an automatic does that make any difference for the remap.

    Also is worth getting a replacement vaccum operated valve if I had a remap done as the car is stock?

    Ideally if I could get a quote for a remap and possibly for the vaccum valve(if needed) that be great.

    I was also thinking about the Miltek Exhaust as well, but might not have the funds to do all at once but if you guys do any packages for remap and exhaust then I could maybe have a think.

    Sorry for all the questions!

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  3. ben@amdessex

    ben@amdessex Member

    Good Afternoon,

    Our Stage One remap on the 2.0 TFsi is awesome and totally transforms the car. The gains are around 55-65 and 60-70 lbft of torque. The car will be much quicker throughout the rev range with improved throttle response and all round drivability. Really is a night and day difference. The remap also includes a road test with data logging tostart with to make sure the car is performing as it should and there are no problems. We then carry out a before rolling road run to test standard power.The car is then mapped on the road as well as the dyno to suit your car. After this we finish with a final rolling road run so you have a printout of before and after power.

    Not only will the car be much quicker but when driving around normally it can also gain better mpg. Obviously the mpg gain will differ depending on your driving style and driving conditions. The reason for the gain in MPG is due to the extra torque, due to the extra torque you don’t have to push the car as hard when driving around normally. The extra torque means you would require less throttle to get to your desired speed which means you use less fuel. Hope that makes sense, it is one of those things that is easier to explain by spoken word.

    To help alongside the re-map we recommend always running the car on 99 RON fuel (i.e Momentum 99 or Shell V-power) as this will help with gaining power and MPG. You can use 95 ron fuel but the car would not perform as well as it does on 99 ron.

    Both our remap and the REVO are very good hence why we offer REVO as well as ours. Both give the same kind of peak bhp figures.

    Our remap is priced at £499.95 inc vat and REVO's is £598.80 inc vat.

    Being an auto is not a problem, we would limit the torque in the lower gears to protect the gearbox.

    Uprating the DV is not essential but if you have the earlier version it would be worthwhile upgrading to the revised version or a Forge DV as the original will fail due to poor design. The revised standard version is £36.16 inc vat and the Forge version is £199.00 inc vat. The Forge version is up-rated and a much better design, it is also fully rebuildable, so better in the long run but is obviously a much greater cost. Fitting would be £36.00 for the standard or £72.00 for the Forge version.

    With reference to the Milltek exhaust, if your car is FWD the price is £662.52 inc vat or if it is a Quattro the price is £810.22 inc vat. We are offering FREE fitting on Milltek exhaust but are also offer our remap half price when you purchase the exhaust and map together. Saving you £250.00 off the normal price.

    Hope this helps but if you do have any further questions please do not hesitate in contacting me.


  4. Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown Member


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