quickest thing in the world??????


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group of blokes in the pub discussing what the quickest thing in the world

1st bloke says "its got to be THINKING as soon as you think its in your head"

2nd bloke says no,no no!!! "its got to be BLINKING as soon as you blink your eylids move!!!!!!!"

3rd bloke says no no no!!! its got to be a light switch,as soon as you flick the switch the light is on!!!!!!!!!!

4th boke says NO NO NO its got to be direaha!!!!!!!!!!

the other 3 ask "Direaha???????? whys that then!!!!!!!!!"

4th bloke replys " well the other day before i could THINK,BLINK or turn the F***ing light on i S**T myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lmfao: