Quick wheel bolt question...


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I've got 10mm spacers on the rear with 40mm thread length bolts. I put these on the rear short term until i got some 15mm spacers then i'll be putting the 10's on the front and 15's on the back.
Due to this being short term i'm currently driving around with no locking bolts on the back (silly i know).

So my question is... If i bought a set of 4 45mm McGard locking bolts, is this going to cause me problems on the front wheels? I.e. is that extra 5mm bolt length going to interfere with anything?

Maybe a naive question but i could do with knowing!




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I got a set of 15mm rear and 10mm front H&Rs from the TT shop. They came with a set of McGard locking bolts all the same length. Pretty sure they're 45mm. They don't interfere with anything.

To be sure give the guys at the TT shop a call, they could give you the answer.