Quick way to find paint code?


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hi guys

I have won a car from the auction for a family member which is damaged and needs a couple body part panels

you guys are going to say:

“Check the tyre well”
“Service book”
“Ring Tps”
“Ring dealer”

They are all closed now and I don’t have the car in front of me so I can’t check. I wanted to start sourcing the parts tonight as the cars coming in a few days and I’m flying out for a few days early tomorrow morning.

Is there anyone who can get the paint code for me tonight please or tell me how to get it if I have the reg and chassis number



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Thanks for your response dude

Its actually a VW and I’ve downloaded the My Vw app , but I don’t think I’ve got full access to the app because of Vw not having my details on the system. I’ll have to just wait and call them


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Phone main dealer, tell them reg, ask them.paint code. Done.


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whats the reg no?