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Quick oil level check.

S32B Jul 19, 2020

  1. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member

    Almost 3 years of ownership and never noticed this!

    Like most when I check the oil I sit in the car, push the ignition, wait for the menu to start up and then go through the mmi menus looking for the oil level part, sometimes it says waiting 2 mins etc....slowwww way to do it anyway!

    We've just been out in the car and I got the dreaded 'beepboop' warning sound! After I took my heart out of my mouth I looked down....please fill washer bottle. So I did just that once home, got in the car looked at the dash and it went through the normal checks etc. the washer was now off, BUT one check that came up was the oil level OK....I thought 'Not noticed that before'. So got out of the car locked it and then got back in, started ignition and just the normal checks as always, no oil! Hmmm so I opened/closed the bonet and then tried it...oil level check :)

    So basically to check your oil quicker just open/close the bonnet, push the ignition and watch the dash checks, much quicker :)
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