Quick help request!!


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Hi team,

Yes I can use the search function, but I now have to go to a wedding this evening and join my ship tomorrow!!!!!

So can any of you legends help with advice, photos or a link to the following:

(I'm doing an oil, oil filter and fuel filter change)

1. How to Jack the front of the car up so I can place two Axel stands.
2. Where the oils drain plug is. Also what torque setting.
3. How to remove the oil filter (is it under the engine cover??)
4. How to swap out the fuel filter.

I will await the abuse, search quotes and advice!!!!

Cheers Dan

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Cheers, all done but after changing the fuel filter, I couldn't see a way to put fuel in it.

Now she won't start, I'm off to the wedding so will try tomorrow.

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Jusg need to turn on a few time (NOT START THO) to get pump to get fuel to get there

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