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Dec 11, 2016
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When did the cluster DIS go from red to white? Gonna change my cluster.

I have a red one already but of course I managed to buy the one that's impossible to adapt to a different car. Need a new one so I might as well get the white or colour one if they exist!
It changed on the 8p3 facelift model.
It's not a straightforward change though as the immobiliser is built into the clocks and would need coding with dealer level equipment, not vcds
What year would that have been?

I have Carprog which can read the PIN/SKC and the eeprom and Micronas and program whatever needs done.

I almost cracked it with a red cluster but sadly the immo4c 2005 version I have is the most difficult to do believe it or not. That's literally the o my thing that stopped me. It's down to component security.
Awesome, thank you!

Spotted a couple of 2009 onwards on ebay.

I'm sure I'll bore you all with the upgrade thread soon!
It'll be a nice upgrade if you can sort the coding etc.
I once tried a set in my old A3 3.2, I had more lights than a Christmas when I plugged my original set back in. I quickly lost interest lol
Yes! I know exactly what you mean lol

I did it too just to see what the new cluster looked like and to check it actually worked. When I put my own back in the steering was ****** and the esp light was on. Thankfully I had vcds at hand.
Yeah, it was the reason I bought vcds in the first place to recode it back in!
Lol, not good!

I'm retrofitting a load of stuff so I thought a genuine vcds would be worth the investment.

Got the carprog system to extract the pin from the car and any new cluster I might buy. Works a treat!

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