Questions about Upgrading Steering Wherl


Hi everyone I am planning to upgrade my steering wheel and in the future will think about having a virtual cockpit done so will need the view button. There are multiple options available from flat bottom to normal round one. My car is Audi A3 Sportback 2016 Automatic. Just few things..

1. I read somewhere different steering wheels from different models will work on PFL car like from Q3, A4, TT, is this true?

2. If I find a steering wheel without a airbag can you buy the airbag separately and fit it into the steering wheel if it doesn’t come with one already? Part number for airbag?

3. I have seen facelift steering wheels some have the normal multi media buttons some have the view button. Can someone give me the part numbers of the wheels with view button that will work on the car? Flat bottom and the normal round one part numbers will be helpful.

4. Some of the facelift standard multifunctional steering wheels are very cheap on eBay. If you wanted to could you just change the buttons for those to the virtual cockpit buttons?

5.Is the steering wheel wiring and plug and play or is there coding involved too?

Thank you.
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Best to speak with site wizard @DJAlix
He can advise on your steering wheel questions and Virtual Cockpit also, as he fit them daily.

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Can't imagine it will be cost-effective, especially the VC.
(No slur on @DJAlix)


Can't imagine it will be cost-effective, especially the VC.
(No slur on @DJAlix)
If you budget and be patient with the parts on eBay I think you can pull it off under £2000. Sometimes the parts needed do pop up for cheap on eBay.

I think I found the part numbers for the smaller facelift airbag:


So many different letters at the end of it lol just wanted to make sure looking for the right parts.