Questions about my Audi A3 3.2 v6


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Hi all,

A few months back I purchased my first 54 plate Audi A3 3.2 v6 and I'm really enjoying the car (apparent from the slight lag in selecting D or R on the DSG box!).

I've used the forum on numerous occasions to check out for helpful tips when first purchasing my Audi and to establish knowledge on potential issues so I'm sure someone will be able to help!

I have two questions:
1. I have an inbuilt car phone with an adapter for the old Nokia 3310 (I believe), I wondered if there is any way to convert this to an iPhone/Smart Phone dock instead?

2. I took my grandfather out the other day and made the fatal mistake of parking near a tree. It was dark and when he opened the door to get out I heard a horrific noise and he's opened it onto roots that had grown through the pavement. The frustrating part is that it pulled back a 3rd of the car door's underside plastic trim. It pops back in but doesn't hold - I don't suppose anyone else has had this happen to them before and knows of a remedy rather than having a panel working look into it?

Thanks in advance for you help!


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@Syred123 Hello - I'm not sure about the car phone adapter, but regarding the door card it sounds to me like some of the plastic fixing plugs may have had their heads snapped off. You ought to find somewhere off the road and under cover to carefully take off the door card and examine the fittings along the lower edge. It'll only get worse otherwise.


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Stick with the 3310 mate , battery lasts a week and costs a pittance to own. Mines sitting in a draw waiting for resurrection for when I retire.
And be nice to your grandad, you'll be one one day.