Question re aftermarket lights?


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Jan 27, 2016
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May have been asked 100's of times before, but i had a quick search and couldn't find it.

In relation to an 2008 A6 Le mans ed, with standard factory headlights (No DRLS etc) just bog standard bulbs.

Fitting something like these: Link to eBay

How easy is it to do; Is there an aftermarket plug & play kit for some OEM looking lights with DRLS? - or do they all need retrofitting and programming or whatever?

We're wanting to just replicate the DRL's as close to the OEM as possible really - none of these boy-racer aftermarket things.

Can't answer your questions regarding programming etc with those lamps, although I think that most who have done the conversion have had to do quite a bit of work on wiring and modules and programming to fit OEM lamps.
The other thing to remember is that you need to make sure you get lamps for right hand drive, otherwise you will not pass an MOT. The lamps that you have linked to are for right hand traffic, so LHD unless I am mistaken.
As above, first thing I noticed is the RHD beam and in UK, obviously, you would need LHD. Not only to pass MOT but not to be stopped by coppers and annoyingly be flashed at by everyone on the road.
Another thing, maybe it is down to manufacturer of those lamps but my car have D3S bulb, not D2S. Dobt it would have any impact on the light output but just saying.
If you search properly ofr the headlamp conversion or ask @t8ups for an advise. Depending where you are, you might need VCDS help, so have a look on the vcds user map to find your local one.

I also wouldn't know the answer of how easy or is it doable at all. I'm sure it is but if anything with the headlights, I would go for the oem ones. You can get them from salvage cars and you will know for 1000% they would work as factory intended. Providing, the seller had them tested and all that.

Another tip. Look out for self leveling lamps. Your car with standard halogen lamps might not be ready for additional program/coding to adjust light level automatically. This is why, additional modules and wiring would be needed.
Your first search should be for people/members who already done this retrofit and seek for advice from them.
Buying the lamps is the easiest and last part you should consider.
RHD = Right HAND drive which is UK car - driving on the left side of the road
LHD = Left HAND drive which is all other EU countries where driver seats on left side of the car driving on the right side of the road.

You need RHD headlights in UK mate. Wiring non-xenon to xenon needs another module (adress 55 in vcds - xenon range) with wires. Also this module needs to be connected to level sensors on the left side of the car on wishbones (2 sensors + wiring kit). Plug on the headlight will be also different and will require adaptor. Bortnetz (Cenral electrics - adress 09) will require coding or even change if doesn't support the xenons. If 09 needs to be changed then component protection also needs to be removed.
There is a lot of labor and parts to be collected to get this setup OEM .

Good luck!
Good thread @Chrishuddie ! Have contemplated this also, when looked into fitting OEM with DRL's, seemed A LOT of work :( not even including the fact that the light switch in the cabin would need changing to the one that includes the DRL's. Please keep this thread updated if you get anywhere though...even if using after market...because as long as the quality is good, it doesn't bother me if Audi has produced it. Ok, mostly it bothers me.... but beggars can't be choosers eh!

Nice one!