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Aftet the success of our first question and answers thread with some fatastic questions and answers from 45bvtc (John) our next guest is DAYTONA500. :hi:Thank you in advance Ben.

All we’d like YOU to do is have a good think of what question you like to ask DAYTONA500

Yes we would like your questions to be car related, but to make for a more interesting read, and a variation of questions, you can ask him non car related questions as well, ie what food or holidays he enjoys.

Please pm your questions to me … PLEASE title the PM, QandA DAYTONA500

I will leave this thread closed and will forward any questions for DAYTONA500 in 1weeks time. This is open to all ASN members to send questions in.

If this works well, we will try to have a new member answering questions every two weeks or so.
and any member the guest in this case DAYTONA500 will ONLY answer the questions he/she wants to answer.

Look forward to the many and varied questions.


Not open for further replies.