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Question about registration retention form v778

buckas Sep 30, 2008

  1. buckas

    buckas Member

    Hi everyone :thumbsup:

    Last august I bought myself a private plate "XX XXX" and assigned it to my car - now I wish to sell my car, so first I need to get the plate off the car as I want to keep the plate for my next car. I currently don't have a car in mind to assign it to so rather than completing a transfer form I've completed the retention form v778 and written a cheque for £105 (daylight robbery!) ready to be sent off.

    My first question is when I get the papers back will it say to stick my original number plate back on (XX52 XXX) or will it be a new one?

    Also another question, I know they don't need the tax disc just the serial number but am I correct in thinking I need to send them my V5 with (XX XXX) reg on it and my current MOT also with my current reg on? I understand I shall be given a new V5 with an old 52 plate reg written on it, but will I be sent a new MOT certificate? If so, how do they recreate the signature of the tester etc?

    Never retained a plate before so advice from you guys who've done it before would be muchly appreciated to put my mind at rest :sm4:


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  3. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hiya mate,

    As I understand it (I'm just holding on to an XX XXX plate for myself at the moment! :))

    To hit your questions in order:

    1) I don't think you'll be issued the original '52' registration, it'll be a new one.
    2) They need the serial number and expiry date of the tax-disc. They need the V5 and the current MOT.

    a) A new V5 with the replacement '52' registration will be made.
    b) You'll not get a new MOT certificate, it'll just be 'stamped' by the DVLA to indicate the revised registration.

    You're posting to the DVLA then yeah? It's all pretty painless, but it's quicker to be processed if you can get to a DVLA local office...

    Hope that helps mate,


    EDIT: This might be useful too, if you haven't seen it already... http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motorin...cle/PersonalisedRegAndNumberPlates/DG_4022575
  4. buckas

    buckas Member

    Yeh posting it to swansea address (sandringham place one) round trip of about 120 miles for me so will post it for easyness, not in a rush anyhoo :sm4:

    Thanks very much for your help!

  5. marriedblonde

    marriedblonde Well-Known Member

    The chances are they will give you back your original plate. I've changed my plates over (mine and the Mrs) a fair few times in the last 15 years and always had the original plate back.

    As faction has said they will just stamp the MOT certificate but you will get a new V5 through the post. I've just put Claires plate on her ML and I had a new V5 back within a week.

  6. buckas

    buckas Member

    Thanks matey :sm4:

  7. g60jet

    g60jet Member

    Here is how it works
    You fill in the form to ask permission to out it on retention and your log book
    send it off and wait
    they send you a new tax disc and plate number ( normally the old one).
    you send the old tax disc back then they send you the new log book only once you get the new V5C can you technically sell the car.

    or read this

    I alway got to the DVLA office to do all mine sometimes they will do them as you wait (normally putting the reg on the new car bit), but going to the local office always helps speed it up to start with. However Avoid the first 10 working days of the month (tax disc nightmare as every one tries to get there cars taxed.)
  8. ben_turbo1

    ben_turbo1 Member

    Hi Guys,

    Sorry to bring up an old post but I guess you are in the know.

    I just agreed to buy a car but the owner needs to put the private plate that is currently on it on retention, he seemed to think this will take a few days and the car will be available to collect in 1 week. I just spoke to the DVLA and they told me it will be 7-10 days untill the owner will receive confirmation that the plate retention has been accepted then a firther 30 days before the V5 is sent back meaning I could be waiting 6 weeks?
    Is this actually the case as 6 weeks is a long time?

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