Question about audio upgrade A3 1.8 -1996, stealth subwoofer?


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Aug 21, 2010
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Bergen Norway
Hi, this is my first post to this forum. I recently bought myself an Audi A3 2-doors 1.8L 1996. The guy that sold it to me said that I had to check out the sound system "It has amazing sound". I could tell already from looking at the installation of two 6x9 inch speakers in the 2mm board covering the trunk that our references of how a good system should sound was not the same.

So after examining the car a little bit more I have now found out that at least one of the ( I guess) OEM front tweeters are broken, and the sound level from only playing with the speakers in the front door is very poor. The 6x9 inch plays loud, but without proper bass and does not have good sound quality either. So I want to do something about this. Since the car is kinda booring to drive (I just had a S2000) I might as well have a good stereo.

I noticed when looking in the trunk that there is kind of an compartment on the left side behind the wheel, I thought that this could be a good space for a smaller bass box. Maybe it would be possible to build a good sounding box with a 6,5 inch woofer and make a installation that is pretty much invisible. I found out here that there is a guy called andy mac building similar types of boxes for audis that looked pretty good. So, here are my questions:

1. Is there a "Andy Mac Stealth" enclosure that fits to my car? I do not have a bose system from start. What is the approximate price?

2. If I was to build something similar myself, what is the easiest technique to build an arc with MDF to follow the wheel? How do you build curves on a box lik:sly:e this?

3. Does anyone have a recommendation on a good 6,5 inch woofer for such an enclosure? Tymphany SLS 6,5? What is the name of the woofer usually put in the stealth boxes?

4. Is it possible to get good sound quality by just changing speakers in the front door? (And giving them a little more power). What is the the size that can be fitted and do you have any recommendations on specific speakers?

I am looking for balanced sound with high sound quality, not just a lot of bass. I have pretty good stereo stuff at home and I would like the car to be something similar.
for the money, the andymac stealth sub is superb for the 8L a3 - dont both doing it yourself, its not worth the trouble.

whilst you're at it, a decent set of £100-£120 front components and a 3 or 5 channel amp to run the sub and door speakers will transform the sound completely

search the 8L forum for front door speaker recommendations - mine were rainbow slim drivers and sounded great for about £120

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