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Quattro question, all chassis'????

PeteA7S/Back Sep 27, 2019

  1. PeteA7S/Back

    PeteA7S/Back Member

    Right then people rather than a post in every forum to try and get a simple answer im going to ask in here and see if I can get a simple answer. Right from before owning my A6 Avant before I traded it to get my now A7 I was always told about 4wd systems and tire depth, size, rotation etc etc as we all have. So I have always stuck with the mantra of that knowledge. My question revolves around offsets and staggered alloys with spacers. My quattro Avant was a square setup as they all are factory and read all the spiel about not having staggered alloys on a 4wd system. Does this theory relate to tyre sizes and radii to keep the 4wd in sync with itself. Im lowering the a7 soon and next year going for a set of 20 or 21 inch alloys and a friend with an s7 said he's doing the same but having spacers one size up front and another at the rear. Is it really a bad thing to go staggered on quattro's, does it really do any damage? My theory would be along the lines of as long as the rolling radius is kept the same then the quattro system wont read any false revolutions from different sizes. So if you managed to read all that the simple question is can you run different sized spacers or different et's on a quattro so long as the wheels and tyres are all the same size radius???
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  3. Wingers

    Wingers New Member

    As long as the tyres are all the same rolling radius then it doesnt matter, even if you have 20" 8j front and 21" 10j rear alloys with spacers on the rear only for example. plus the modern quattro doesnt run permanent 4wd the rear only kicks in when needed, its not like the first gen TTs that could only have a maximum 3mm difference in tread depth between the tyres.

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  4. S19 MYD

    S19 MYD Active Member

    How strange I was just considering the same dilemma after running into a set of cheap Porsche alloys!
  5. PeteA7S/Back

    PeteA7S/Back Member

    Cheers for that. I wont be running different diameter wheels but spacers for the right look will be ordered now when I order the wheels or different ets for the wheels.

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