Quattro gearbox removal on A3 3.2 V6 (2005)


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Hi Guys,

Looking to change my clutch and DMF this winter and I was wondering if anyone has done it before and can pass on some words of wisdom. I don't think there are any service or repair manuals for the quattro models, is there an internal instruction on how to do it from audi that could be *ahem* aquired? Looking to know what other stuff needs to come out (bumper and cross member etc?) and the best way to support the engine (crane or those braces that rest on the inner wings?).

Also, does anyone have any experience of changing the cam chains? any special tools required?

I'm fairly handy with spanners and have a competent mate helping so its not a lack of ability that concerns me, its just whether or not there is anything specific we need to know.