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Jul 11, 2021
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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some ramps for oil changes that would satisfy the following criteria:
- wide enough for at least 225mm wheels
- can be used with fairly low suspension (s-line)
- are good quality / durable

I've got some old ramps that are decent and wide but I have to use planks of wood to get the car up, which can sometimes be a little unstable. I don't like taking risks with safety or potential car damage so would like something a little better. I've been struggling to find anything. I'm not too worried about price, but I probably wouldn't go beyond £300 or so. Any ideas?

Thanks for the thoughts.


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May 18, 2013
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A bit late in posting a reply, but as soon as I bought my 2011 S4, I realised that raising it up for engine and rear axle servicing, was going to be something that I should do something about!
So, I fabricated 4 long wide solid ramps out of wood, and used what wood that I had "around". I built them just high enough to be able to place under the sills of the car and still managed to fit "end stops". For engine oil changes etc, I just use 2 at the front, but for manual gearbox and rear diff oil level checks - and any other underside jobs, I use all 4. That relegated my steel old ramps to the tip!
After that I turned my mind to how to work on that car - and any other car, with the wheels off, for that i, joined a Porsche UK "group buy" and bought 2 pairs of Jackpoint jackstands and an extra low-high trolley jack, but that cost quite a bit but I still use them on any cars that I end up working on.