Quality LED No error plate lights?


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Jul 31, 2011
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Im looking for website that sell quality LED no error plate lights. I know there's load's on ebay but most look cheap and nasty. Im looking for plug and play quality lights.

My car is a 2005 B7 A4.

Thankyou :thumbsup:
I bought THESE and they plugged in, worked fine, didnt look to closely into what/where was the best place to get them from as I needed the casing to pass its MOT, look good too
Great, Ive ordered a pair, thanks for the advice.......... Just hope my old ones remove easy, Ive heard they sometimes seize in and are impossible to remove but they look fairly new to be honest so here's hoping :o.k:
Funny that, I have those from the same seller and they threw an 'out' on the dash..... :(
I hope that was just a faulty batch or something, there ordered and on there way :unsure:

I'll fit them and let you know if I get an error reading
I had to add resistance I'm afraid :think:

That said, it was worth it:

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I ordered from the german tuning site (i forget the name) anyways expensive version of the ebay jobs and they also threw up codes.

I had to put in some resistors and all working fine for me.

I would do the front DRL for LED bulbs...but its too tight in there for me to know where to put the resistors safely to not melt anything........