Quad pipes and diffuser fitted on my BITDI!


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Upgraded my BITDI Diffuser and pipes today.

Went with a Carbon diffuser with fins and Carbon Akrapovic Replica Quad

Diffuser was from China,required 2 people to fit and a bit of muscle power to manipulate into shape,clips were poorly aligned so I dremeled them off and kept the good ones in place,it was secured with tiger seal and held with clamps and 2 ratchet straps from the fix points in the boot to the under chassis until sealant drys.

The pipes are H style twins on each side with a 77MM inlet and 89mm outlet.

To fit these I have to cut the outer styling sleeve from my tailpipe leaving the thinner inner pipe to clamp on to,they will be coming off tomorrow and shortened as they stick out a bit to much in my opinion.

Cost: Tailpipes £140 Ali express ,Diffuser £320 Ebay

I did see the diffuser on alibaba.com and they have tons of good car mode stuff but only bulk orders,I just approached an eBay seller in China who was selling car diffusers and kits and showed him what I had seen elsewhere as I prefer the security of eBay for long distance transactions. Will take a few more pics when it’s on the road and pipes correctly fitted.


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Looking good, Make sure you get plenty of pics up showing the exhaust tip conversion as ive been meaning to do this for a while