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Q8 Q8 Tyres Warning

gillandive Oct 3, 2018

  1. gillandive

    gillandive New Member

    Hi Everyone
    Just signed up and need to make everyone aware of potential surprise with new Audi Q8 tyres
    I've had mine for 2wks and have to say delighted with it but....pressure loss indicator warning came up and following inspection of tyre there was a screw embedded in the middle of the tyre...bit peed off about that but should be a simple £20 puncture repair....WRONG
    The tyres have `sound deadening pads` in them and Audi have told all tyre repair guys that they cannot be repaired?? What was a simple £20 repair is now a new tyre at £300 from independent or £400 from Audi
    I went back to Lookers in Glasgow and complained. Even the salesmen were not aware of issue
    Audi replaced the tyre for £150 as a `goodwill gesture`
    I took out the wheel and tyre insurance at that point for £600
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  3. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Team V6 SQ5 owners group Audi Q5 S tronic

    ..............my old RS3 had the same, mine had only done a few hundred miles so my Audi specialist just cut a small amount of the foam away & did a normal repair after that.
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  4. Flex max

    Flex max Guest

    Hi thanks for the heads up , but wanted to ask off topic regarding your Q8 delivery time & what spec do you have?

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