Q8 Nav page and Car Play


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May 1, 2019
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Windsor, Ontario
Posting here as well as the Q8 section to get more traffic. System is likely similar to all new models.

Had the Q8 for a week and thought I had everything figured out. If i have my iPhone hooked up not using Car Play than I get the map on the large display screen in the centre of the car and also on the dash screen in front of the driver. If I connect my phone using car play the map on the drivers dash screen turns into a compass rose. The map on the main screen stays normal. Funny thing is I don't think this happened prior to today. Are there any settings on the car or phone that needed to be changed to get Nav page on both screens and using Car Play.
I just went out and restarted my phone and all seems well now. Must have been a glitch with the phone. Shutting off car play alone or shutting the car off did not fix it.


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