Q7 Q7 warranty - named or all component cover?


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After some advice if possible please.

I own a 2010 3.0 TDi Q7. 59k mikes. Bought from dealer 2 years ago with 19k on the clock (I do about 20k a year).

Car came with 12 months warranty which ended up covering repair of the mechanical boot open / close mechanism.

I took out extended warranty for 2nd year in fear of size of potential repair bills, all component cover, which ended up covering handbrake release mechanism replacement as well as heated seat repair. I am happy that I got my money’s worth out of the warranty this year.

I am just about to renew for another year and considering whether to go all component or reduce down to named component. The named component list looks fairly comprehensive. But it isn’t really clear on what the actual difference is between named and all component cover (it only says what is covered, not what isn’t).

Can anyone please inform me of what isn’t covered on the named component cover? Or if list would be too long, what the more major bits that aren’t covered are. Or examples of where Audi may have refused cover under the named component warranty?

Thanks so much.
I would suggest just asking the warranty company for written confirmation of what exactly is and isn't covered as, surely, they are the only one that would know exactly.