Q7 Not Starting Correctly


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Dec 29, 2008
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My Q7 has been into Audi 3 times with the same fault they cannot fix or find.
What happens is the car turnsover but will not start, it will then take 3 attempts to start and will take upto 10 secs to start.
It is intermitant although audi say thereis no faultcode in the ECU or history log

Anyone else had this problem or any solutions
Yeah I would agree with that.
I'm experiencing the exact same problems with my A6 3.0TDI upon start up on cold morns, although mine did throw up a code.

Is your Q7 behaving the same way when the engine is relatively warm ? If so it ain't the Glow plugs. But if she is starting on the button when warm there is a good chance it's the plugs.
Our q7 is 2 months old and I mentioned the poor starting to the dealer, their reply was that its normal fir a q7
Some videos would help explain the situation better
mite sound daft,but try starting it with the headlights on,see if that makes a difference