Q7 Q7 Air Suspension - should I bother?

Rich M

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I'm about to put in an order for a new Q7 4M but just wondering thoughts on the air suspension that is part of the dynamic pack?

Been doing a bit of searching on here throws a few faults especially with compressors but just wondering if I'm setting myself up for some pain when things go wrong.

Is the air suspension actually better than the standard suspension during normal driving or spirited driving? I see that it has the lift option for off road but then again I would rarely be going off road.


Steven Fletcher

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The air suspension is fantastic and it is great that you can lower the rear end for loading items into the boot. I tend to drive in comfort mode and it is very smooth on short and longer journeys. There is little to no roll when taking corners at speed. I would certainly go for it. Our Q7 had one owner before us and it proved tough finding one with the air suspension to test drive.

I've read about problems with it, but none so far in over 2 years of mostly issue free driving.