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Q7 Q7 adaptive air suspension

sean mckenzie Nov 25, 2018

  1. sean mckenzie

    sean mckenzie New Member

    Hello cleaning my q7 this morning iv had no issues whatso ever with my suspension

    So i put it in the offroad position, when i tried to put it back it was mucking about i managed to put it back into dynamic mode which is the lowest ride height setting even though it was on block 2 on the left of the menu, now it seems like the back is sitting higher than the front i kept on playing most of the day here and there because its been bugging the life out of me

    The front i can just about fit my fist between arch and tire and on the back almost 2 fists and im postive it wasnt like this before!

    Also took the kids to the grandparents house and on the way the amber light come up and kept blinking for the air suspension

    I think iv made myself a problem and dont know what to do is there a way i can reset it without vcds please somebody give me an answer its taking away my sanity

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