Q7 Q7 2016 Timing Chain problem


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Jun 10, 2022
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At my 50K service and inspection, my audi technician has highlighted a timing chain noise. As I do not trust audi for a second, I got a 2nd opinion from our family mechanic, who has said that he 95% sure the rattling noise is the timing chain. He also says that there is no way that the timing chain should falter at 50K miles, and that I should push for Audi to fix it for free.
Audi have quoted around £4500,00 based on 26 hours to fix it. When I ask for a quote to investigate the issue first, they refuse to provide a quote for this and just say it depends on the number of hours it takes. I dont want to authorise the investigation based on an open ended quote and want to pin them down to a specific quote. Surely they would know how long it takes to investigate the issue? And am I right to push to Audi to fix it for free. The car has only ever been serviced by Audi.
Anyone else found themselves in this boat? Would appreciate any advice.