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  1. Scottishpedro

    Scottishpedro Member

    hi all

    I'm considering getting a 2.0 TFSInQ3 at some point. Revo stage 1 remap is said to increase power from 170 bhop to 250+ bhp. Has anyone had this done? Will the q3 handle this much power gain, specifically the clutch? The reason I ask is I currently have an 8p s3 with stage 1 map and the clutch needed replaced not long after the remap; the suggestion is the s3 clutch will just about cope with the stock power and not much more.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. riggssuzuki

    riggssuzuki Active Member

    Hi. I had my 2.0 TFSi A4 REVO stage 1 remapped and I have attached a dyno chart somehwere on this site. My A4 went from 211bhp (although I seem to have had a strong engine from get go with 248 bhp stock on the dyno). to 297bhp. I had this confirmed on a number of different dyno runs. Definitely worth the time and effort!!!!!!! Better fuel economy, better drivability, fantastic acceleration,

    Found it!

  4. riggssuzuki

    riggssuzuki Active Member

    By the way I never experienced any clutch (Stock clutch) issues and I drove approx. 35000 miles with the remap. I also drove it fairly hard!!

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