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Q3 Q3 clutch problem

Denzil Phillips May 27, 2020

  1. Denzil Phillips

    Denzil Phillips Registered User

    Hi I was the proud owner of a 18 re Q3 2l td nice car good drive untill one morning the car locked me out with keys in ignition! AA called picked lock in seconds pleased but a little worried that it was that easy two days later clutch pedal would not come up all the way car drove fine called AA again topped up fluid level pumped clutch vigorously said all fixed he was pconfident that the car would drive to Scotland no problem. Two days later clutch pedal not coming up properly and electric handbrake not releasing AA called got it going escorted me to dealership on Saturday morning first thing Monday I was informed that the clutch was completely burnt out and the bill would be in the region of £3000.00 all this without stripping the car and they are certain it is "driver style" never had one that was'nt
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  3. cosmicblue

    cosmicblue Registered User

    Welcome to the forum Denzil.

    I'm sure there a few regulars who have read Q3 clutch problem with dread as there have been numerous Q3 clutch failures due to a premature component failure. Most likely they won't know the full extent of the failure until it is stripped out.

    You might want to join this forum too https://www.q3ownersclub.co.uk/forums/- there are several threads on clutch failures, particularly for those cars fitted with Sachs clutches. It has been the case that a finger fractures in the diaphragm spring of the clutch cover which in addition to the clutch no longer fully clearing the broken finger acts like a lathe cutter and chews the gearbox casing away.

    Given that your Q3 is fairly recent and most likely has Audi dealer service history too you shouldn't just accept it has something you have done but fight for a contribution from Audi.
    Last edited: May 27, 2020

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