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Q2 Q2 1.5 Tfsi engine

Merlyn Dec 31, 2018

  1. Merlyn

    Merlyn Member

    Have any Q2 owners with the new 1.5 tfsi engine experienced the kangaroo syndrome when setting off in first gear from cold? All the other cars in the vag group with this engine are suffering badly with this, VW T-ROC 1.5 tsi evo, Seat Arona, Skoda Karoq. VAG have been notified but seem to be ignoring it. On this sister VW forum there are 15 pages of complaints so. I’m wondering now if there are any Q2 owners with this problem?
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  3. alpesh26

    alpesh26 Active Member TeamMisano Navarra Blue Classic

    Is this on manual boxes? My dad picked up a Q2 just before Christmas but its an S-Tronic
  4. HawkeyeS3

    HawkeyeS3 Well-Known Member TeamMisano Audi RSQ3 Audi A1 quattro

    I'm also on the VW T-Roc forum - 21 pages of threads there

    Problem seems predominantly with the manual rather than the DSG boxes (I think I've only seem one owner mention something). Its interesting that you say VAG group are ignoring it, as reading through the thread on the T-Toc forum suggests that VAG are aware of it and working on the issue. But it does seem to be affecting many of the VW models with the 1.5 manual engine from what I read
  5. Merlyn

    Merlyn Member

    Anything with that engine and manual box is affected throughout the whole VAG range and that’s a lot! Considering that engine came into production in June I think, they have hardly given it any priority although they have publicly acknowledged it now.

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