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Q and A thread?

Ghost Nov 26, 2013

  1. Ghost

    Ghost Booooooo! Gold Supporter

    Q and A
    Have we had a questions and answers (running) thread?

    Im thinking of if anyone likes to put they’re name forward (we may get a list)

    Then one at a time, we are told the member who’s Q and A is NEXT week.
    Then anyone can send they’re questions to a nominated mod or events organizer.

    Then the member or site sponsor (whos answering the Q-A that week) can be sent any questions, look through the questions. and answer the questions they “like”to answer.

    This if worked well can not only be informative, but fun, and a good platform for the sight sponsors to highlight what they do?

    This is just an idea that needs refining, so please add anything to this thread that you think will make it work better?

    Just remember it will be voluntary if you wish to add your name or not.

    Any thoughts…
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