Put on facelift lights on Q7


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Hopefully someone on here can shed some light (if you'll excuse the pun) on swapping to facelift lights on the Q7.

Dad bought a Q7 when it first came out and he's asking if we can swap to the facelift lights without much trouble. They seem to be the same shape. Will it be a straight swap? What about the indicator strip below the lights?

Any help/pointing in right direction will be appreciated!


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My dad had one of the first Q7s too. We are now on our 4.2TDI. I had looked into it before. I think the bumpers are slightly different so I don't think they are a direct swap, don't think you would be able to get the lower strips to work on the existing bumper. If you really wanted to do it then you could possibly get away with using a facelift bumper, but I think you would have to make up some wiring adapters to get it all working, then there could be the issue of light bulb faults coming up on your DIS. We have adaptive xenons on ours too so that makes it even more difficult. They have slightly different boot lids too. The lights are very expensive to buy too.


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From what i know it's almost a complete new front end, new headlights and then the relevant modules iswell.