Pushbike nicked....now fuming


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May 6, 2007
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Chorley, Lancs
Talk about having some balls....whilst I was mowing my back garden on friday afternoon some scumbag walked into my garage (where I keep my mower, etc) and nicked my £250 mountain bike.....OK it may have been 4 years old...but it was in mint condition...........the ***** sh1t even left his/her shagged out pushbike at the bottom of my drive....

I have always taken great trouble when I leave it somewhere to make sure its locked up, but never bothered locking it up in my garage....I never bothered insuring it....

So top tip for all you folks who have a half decent pushbike(s) in the garage is make sure its locked to an eyebolt (or something imoveable) in the wall ...

Feeling a bit p*$$ed off but I suppose it was my own fault for leaving the garage open ....
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What a b*stard, sorry to hear that John. I must admit I'm a bit paranoid about keeping the shed locked, and the front door when we're out the back etc.

A sad reflection on todays society.
Think yourself lucky it was a £2k bike that got nicked!. One of my old race bikes got nicked out of a locked shed in the back garden a couple of years ago....not happy at all. Shed had more locks on it than you've ever seen so they just removed the door :(

My other bikes are in my garage... eye bolts set into the concrete floor and massive chains holding them down.

Sorry to hear about it though, the fact the twunt left his ****** old one there makes it even more annoying!. My money is on some opportunist scrote that just happened to be passing. :(
leeving the shagged out push bike is actually **** funny , sorry ....that takes the biscuit
Thanks chaps.....apparently where I work is doing the "Cycletowork" thing soon....will pick myself another bike o that scheme....

Just goes to show you cannot trust anyone

When I reported the theft to Lancs Police, apparently bike theft is rife....and so is garden furniture...

Will lock up my 1) Bike, 2) Garden Furniture, 3) self winding up hose, 4) Golf clubs......anything else.....ho hum !
Just keep an eye ebay, alot of nicked bikes end up on there.