"Push Clutch To Start" Bypass Harness


I'm on the naughty step
I know this isn't the place for sales ads etc, but I think this would be very beneficial to the community! I won't use this as an actual ad, but more to point to the For Sale section!

I have developed a plug-and-play solution to the problematic TFSI thrust washer wearing caused by having to start certain VAG cars with the clutch depressed. This problem is exaggerated with uprated clutches. Once the problem sets in, the crank and block are then toast, so a new engine is needed.

This kit involves unplugging the electrical plug to the clutch switch, plugging it into the harness, then plugging the harness into the clutch switch. That's it...no cutting/soldering/messing about with multi meters etc, and it's reversible if you ever want to remove it (selling the car etc). Cruise control functions, and over-rev protection are still kept fully functional.

Will come with comprehensive instructions, which detail fitment, with clear pictures.

It was developed on a '57 plate Audi S3 8P, but will fit pretty much every VAG car of the same era/shape. Check with me if you're not sure though. Not sure about the A3/S3 8V or Mk7 Golf shape (or other MQB platforms) yet (Mk6 works), awaiting confirmation from Alex at AKS.

Please head over to the For Sale section for price etc...don't want to break any rules!
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I'm on the naughty step