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Pure Rally- European/International/Cross Country Rallies

lisa211089 Mar 3, 2014

  1. lisa211089

    lisa211089 New Member

    Hi guys, new to the forum (firstpost/thread... hope I'm doing this right).

    Was just wondering if anyone wasthinking of going on any sort of cross country rallies at all, and ifthere's any you think might be worth looking at?

    Just signed up to my first one (companycalled Pure Rally), which is going down to Ibiza (three days ofpartying there), which I'm absolutely buzzing for.

    Anyone else heard of it or signed upto/thinking of signing up to it? Might be worth checking out ifyou're interested in track days too, starts with one at Dunsfold.

    If anyone's going or thinking of going,what sort of cars would you be taking? Just out of curiosity!
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  3. ChrisFurlong

    ChrisFurlong Avantageous


    Welcome to the forum!

    I have looked at lots of different European rallies, but never actually done one (never been able to find someone to share the driving/expense).

    I've looked at Pure Rally, but the one I'd love to do is the Modball Rally. It's open to all cars as long as they have 2 modifications.
    Europe 2013 | Modball

    Or you could look at Petrolhead Nirvana (run by Pistonheads). It's more of a driving tours company, than a rally. They do lots of different tours all year round.

    What car you bringing on the Pure Rally? Guess it's an Audi of some sort!

    If I was to be doing it, I would be in my Audi A6 matt grey S6 Replica....
    (The one on the right of course!)

    What I like about the Modball is that it starts in London (last year it was in Covent Garden square), so you get huge crowds.
    But starting at Dunsfold would be great as well, get to do a 'lap of the track' and it's very close to where I live!

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