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Purchasing A Discontinued Model

Chris.D Jun 14, 2020

  1. Chris.D

    Chris.D Member

    Hello all,

    I’m trying to find people who have had experiences of purchasing a vehicle that has been discontinued. My personal view is that the S3 is a perfect car, I know others would disagree, and I love it, but it’s just not big enough for our needs anymore. This has resulted in looking for other vehicles and top of that list is the VW Amarok.

    I’ve used a website to try and calculate the depreciation that claims to have 95% confidence, they project the truck I’m looking at to lose over 10k in two years, for a 68 plate that seems very steep, I could understand if it was brand new. I’d normally look at prices of similar spec’d on auto trader to gauge depreciation but not sure how accurate they would be under these circumstances.

    The Amarok, is the last of the V6’s as all the current and planned trucks move to smaller engines. Does anyone think this would help keep the resale value?

    I’ve seen some that have come available for prices that I don’t think I’d of got before the discontinuing but that could also be because of covid and dealers trying to get some sales generated.



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