Puncture Repair


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Got a slow puncture on the wheel (SLine 18's). Question is should I take it to the dealer who will rip me off but I know would not kerb my wheel or take it to a side steet garage and get them to do it? Last time I took my old BMW to a small garage to change an 18 inchj wheel, they chipped and kerbed it a lot when trying to lift the lip over the rim edge.

Do stealers charge loads over normal prices?


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they're not cheap... I'd ask the local suppliers if they can do it on your size wheels without damaging the wheel. I've changed tyres at both a dealer, and a local place, and in fact the dealer had the most problems getting the tyre on, where as the local place (RSR Tyres, Coulsdon) did it there and then, with me watching (an advantage of a local place).


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Never used a main dealer for tyre problems in all of my driving life.
If left to my preference,I use a local dealer who've never scratched a rim yet (touch wood),but then they're guys I've been using for years and I can shout "WATCH THE ****** RIMS" at them without getting a tyre iron off the napper.

I was forced to use National tyres once (full maintenance) and they gouged the hell out of one wheel.

They admitted to it and repaired it though,and the repair was invisible.

As Slim says,just ask that they watch the rim and quote the Audi price of £484+ VAT for a replacement.
If any garage baulked at the responsibility,I'd move on to the next one.


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Kwik Fit boys are monkeys, don't try them. I went to my local ATS with a puncture the other week, took gr8 care of my wheel, no marks what so ever.

Stealer will charge loads I would imagine.

Best trick is clarify condition of wheel b4 they start work on it, thus if they damage it, they are liable to repair it. Thats' what I did with ATS.



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good call, take a digi pic in front of them, that way they know you mean business!


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If you take your wheel the the local steet garage make sure that they take the tyre off the right way.

On the 18" the tyre (i think) has to come off from the outside in not the inside out or something like that.

I.E the outside of the wheel is faceing down and the tyre come off to the inside.

so the machine that take of the tyre does not make contact with the face of the alloy


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Ok - went to stealer ready to be robbed - found out from brother that it is about 140-150 fitted for an Sline PZero Rosso (225/40 R18) from reasonable tyre shops.

Told the stealer that its perfect and I expect it that way when they finish hence paying the stealer premium - confirmed it would be - price was just below 160..

Heart fell out when I looked out and saw a KwikFit van doing the job in their parking ot. Spoke to the chap and he confirmed he is experienced enough not to damage the wheel so left him to it - said he will use a cloth etc to protect it and not to worry.

On return, rim was perfect - BUT there was a ding near the valve away from the rim. ******.

Long and short - complained to stealer and they confirmed to refurbish that 'defect' - so it will be sorted - but pain in the ****. Need to return car on Wednesday - they will swap over a temp s line wheel and they have an on site guy ready to do the refurb.


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Unluky mate, I would hit the freaking roof with the dealer and I know now to ask, ' do you do the tyre change in house or do you farm the work out'


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That's why I've never used a main dealer for tyre work.
99% of them sub it out,so why pay the extra.


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I agree. Better to find a local tyre depot that others can recommend as taking care of alloys and sticking with them. I've used the same company near where I live for many years and they have always been excellent. They are very competitive on price as well. Small company, set-up by a father and son team. Father used to work for one a the big tyre companies. They now employ 3 or 4 fitters who work to the father and son's standard.