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Puddle Lights

Romi A6 Mar 23, 2019

  1. Romi A6

    Romi A6 New Member

    Hi. I am currently waiting arrival of my new A6. I was wondering whether i will be able to retrofit puddle lights to the car. As anyone done this, if so any recommendations on where to get them from.
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  3. A7Vorsprung

    A7Vorsprung Member

    Hi Romi,

    I am awaiting delivery next week of Audi A7. I have asked for the quattro puddle light to be installed prior to collection.
    There are non-oem ones that you can get from ebay, but I opted for the original.
    The cost is around £96 if I remember right for the 2 front doors installed.

    Hope that helps.
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  4. Romi A6

    Romi A6 New Member

    Thanks A7Vorsprung..will phone my dealer tomorrow to see if they can install them. Hopefully will also find out if it has reached UK too.
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