Facelift PSA: Theft Attempt


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Hi All, I've signed up just to pop out a heads up. I live in the Poole area of the UK, Dorset. Had my flat broken into while I was away at a festival (car left at home). My girlfriend was at home and slept through the break in. Literally nothing was stolen but they were clearly looking for a car key. I have a 66 plate S3 so it appears they were after a performance car. Probably so they could commit another crime, according to the police.

Just thought I'd put a heads up out there for any other S3 owners in the area. Although, I wish I'd left my keys where I usually do instead of taking them with me. At least my life would have been rifled through!


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No, they were clearly looking for my car keys. They left cameras, laptop, etc, etc.

I'm not in a multi occupancy block, it's a private entrance. PVC door and usual lock. Apparently they put in a blank key and have a tool that fits over it that allows them to break the barrel and release all the tension in the lock allowing them to just open the door. Luckily a chap across the road has a lot of CCTV cameras and has caught the whole thing on video. Not enough detail for identification, but a few distinctive features the police are hoping to use.


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Wonder how they knew which flat belonged to the S3 owner! Must have been watching...be super aware when out and about.


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that sucks mate, makes me angry though that these little scroungers think they can get away with it.
hope you get some answers amigo :)


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I'm glad they didn't get your car mate.

Did you replace your door cylinder with an anti snap one?


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Hello, and welcome.

As said before, be careful. So many **** hole thieves about.

Nice avatar btw.