PS3 - Totally Un-impressed!


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:lmfao:I love PS3 vs Xbox arguments:lmfao:


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Sorry to revive an old thread but iv got to say after owning a 360 from the release day it was an impressive machine until it died 18 months later it was hardly used after the first 3 months. So i bought a ps3 and i have to say i find it a far better console with the added bonus of blu ray as for the 360 been better at gaming iv never understood this if anything the same game on both machines is equal so how can the 360 be better and as for live being better than psn maybe it is but the difference is minimal as psn is free that puts it ahead imo. The ps3 isnt an indestructible machine though as the one i bought died not long ago but to be fair it had heavy use over 2 and a half years and it was probably due to me not cleaning the dust out of it :keule:and i still went out and bought a slimline to replace it ;) but i must get the hoover to it now and again lol.