PS2 Chipped


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OK all,

Following along the same lines as another thread, has anybody got their PS2 chipped ????

I was hoping to get someone to do it for me (my soldering aint that good!). Any reccomendations around the Manchester area ???

Also, which is the best chip to get ??? I am not too bothered about DVD multi-region, just playing my "backups"!

Also, is there a chance that this mod may affect on-line functionality (as in the X-box) ?????




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Seems like Sony are cracking down on this
Sony has sent letters to two UK sites selling chips that let PlayStation2 owners play multi-region DVDs and games bought in the US
Sony has sent letters to two UK companies telling them to stop selling modchips -- chips that let PlayStation2 owners play DVDs and games bought in other countries.

One site,, has complied with Sony's demands. On Tuesday the site posted a message saying; "Due to recent legal proceedings by Sony towards our sale of the NEO4 chip we have decided to close down all our modchip operations indefinitely." The company said, "At the end of the day we work hard on our main games and repairs businesses and it is simply not worth jeopardising our staffs' futures just to do modchips." The company said this is the first time it has been asked to stop supplying modchips by Sony, and added that it plans to comply without reservation and without prejudice.

Another site, Newport, Wales-based, is more vociferous about the legal action, and is accusing Sony of restricting the rights of consumers to create and run backup copies of software as guaranteed under the Copyright, Patents and Designs Act.

Let me know if you find anyone who is selling the mods as I'd like to be able to backup my son's titles, just in case they get scratched, you understand :smirk: ;)


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One place I have seen them is Kanection .

I have ordered something from here in the past for my PS1.

Seems like quite a wide range though, anybody got any ideas which is the best ?????

Cheers, Andy.


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the ps2 will play dvdr backups but it wont play cdr back ups of movies,not sure if it will play original vcd discs but i guess it would!(never tried!) your ps2 does not need to be chipped to play the above! ps2 also plays silvers (pressed dvd not burnt) if you need anything and i pretty much mean anything/silvers/dvdr/cdr /backups/ps2/xbox/mp3 etc...... mail me.....



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I know they do it at Bowlers computer fair on Saturdays, which is based in trafford park Manchester
Mossy, where abouts is that? actually in the traf center? as im in manc next week, and want to get my PS2 chipped.

If not, as mentioned above, anywhere else in manc that chips?


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Hi Snail,

It's not in the Trafford centre, but on Trafford Park Industrial estate, take a look here for info.

Bowlers Nfo




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If you can't get it done at Bowlers then try Kalamistra Modchips in Manchester, ive not been there but I got a flyer off them at bowlers. Heres the address :

Kalamistra Modchips
Dale house
35 Dale St.
M1 2HS

0161 228 1331

If you do go there give them a bell just incase there shut.


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Didn't end up getting the PS2 chipped, as the place in the market said they wouldn't guarantee the work (ie if they fkd my PS2, they wouldn't replace it), and i wasn't willing to risk it.


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That's a shame really, they shouldn't need to worry but if ntheir soldering skills ain't up to much then they can easily screw them up.

I'm gonna do my Xbox myself but i spent 3 years working doing repairs on surface mount gear so my soldering's good enough i fink :)

Have a look on in their forums for chip fitters in your area, you will have to register to get access but it's worth it. Most fitters have reviews done by people who used them.

I'm gonna buy an executor 2 for my box and see how it goes.