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Hi folks,

Been doing a bit research on DRL non xenon headlamps for the face lift A3 (MY08-11) and found these H16 fitment on ebay from HK:

2 H16 PSX24W 18 SMD LED White Fog Driving Light Bulb | eBay

They dont have fitted resistors and wasnt sure if they were the correct fitmen but for £4.28 i thought it was worth a punt. So ordered a pair of H16's a few weeks ago and they arrived yesterday.

Realised its an absolute ****** to change light bulbs on A3's, hands are cut to bits but to my amazement they fit, work and with no errors!!!

Happy days

I'd like to get pics up but can't as using an iPad.


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That's a fabulous result! Well done for finding these, Dude. I'm sure lots of members will follow suit, as LED replacement sidelights for non-Xenon headlights usually cost MUCH more than this. Nice one!! :wub: xx


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Bought the PSW19 DRL in the group buy a while back for my girlfriend's A3 but they're a bit too blue compared to the Phillips Crystal Vision H7 bulbs she has put in...are these white? Pics if you can would be great too.