Protein Drinks etc For Gym


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I've been with my current gym for approximately 3months and i've been going on/off but on average, 2-3days a week.

I want to step it up a little and start pushing my body alot more.

Some of my mates from work goto gym with passion and have pre and post gym shakes.
They advised me to get pure protein powder and mix it with say a shake or cornflakes 'after' i've been to gym so my muscles don't churn into each other.
By giving them pure protein, it's giving them exactly what they need and they'll develop faster without any side affects.

Now i've never done any of this stuff before and I know posting on here might reach out to a much wider community with those who have vast knowledge in this stuff.

Is it really beneficial for me to use such things and if so, how would you recommend I go about it?

What else could I do to help development?

Are there any long term side affects?

Many thanks in advance.


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Hey dude, i think this has already been covered in the health sub forum, so have a quick check in there and you may get some of your answers in there....


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I wouldnt bother, not unless your serious about getting very big which I never understand. I never bothered and I got fairly big working out 5 times a week splitting it 50/50 with cardio and weights. Wasnt even power lifting, again half way inbetween toning and power. Suited me, didnt look like a brick house on legs and was very fit.


You can gain sufficient protein etc. through proper diet. Any of these supplements are a waste of money imo. I'd possibly only look at drinks to have whilst working out to prolong your sessions.


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Much depends on how big you want get, those protein shakes are really high in calories to and if you don't work out enough you'll actually put on weight ie...fat

I'd do as suggested if you just want to tone up and develop some muscle and eat a healthy diet, fish, chicken and other meats are all rich in protein...


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As stated, you should get most of your protein requirement from whole foods, such as meat, fish etc.

However, protein suppliments (shakes in particular) come into their own when its not practical to eat a high protein meal, ie first thing in the morning and late at night.

Protein is critical for adding and maintaining lean mass.
Gains will be limited without edequate intake.

Thats assuming you want to gain lean mass of course.

High protein diets also help keep your appetite in check which can increase when you are pushing yourself in the gym.
Otherwise you can end up being very bulky without any shape, ie fat.
Beware, you will will fart a lot more too.

Good luck