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Pros and cons

Leevr May 17, 2018

  1. Leevr

    Leevr Well-Known Member Audi S3 Porsche Viper Green

    Looking at a turbo technics intake pipe
    APR turbo muffler delete


    Panel filter

    As per title what's the pros and cons to fitting these. I've also got a cat back milltek fitted at the moment.
  2. Avatar

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  3. PanamaS3

    PanamaS3 Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3 Black Edition S3 Saloon DSG

    intake pipe
    pro - its blue and flexible
    cons - possible other metal options fix on better/more strongly

    muffler delete
    pro - bit more noise and possible response
    cons - not essential for extra power

    APR panel filter
    pro - better than OEM most probably
    cons - probably better and cheaper to get K&N, or better still change the whole intake to something aftermarket
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  4. MikeParkin

    MikeParkin Well-Known Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Manual

    I've got that intake pipe and it's great. I had a CTS one a few year ago and was causing a boost leak.

    Got the Forge delete and it's also a good mod. Like @PanamaS3 said it's not essential for power.

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