Pros and cons of the 8P 3.2?


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Just looking opinions and/or advice on the 8P 3.2 really. I already have a 2005 8P 1.6 8 valve and only came across it because it was very cheap and also has full Audi history etc. I really like the car but I miss the torque and power of previous cars I've had. This leads me to considering the 3.2 with DSG.

I've owned other V6 cars in the past and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty as far as major work goes. I also own a self built forged 2.1 stroker Impreza amongst other things.

There aren't too many for sale with my particular requirements (Sportback, DSG, Xenons etc) at the moment but I have spotted one on eBay which ticks the boxes pretty well. It's got about 100k on it and has full Audi history too IIRC. Looks in great condition from the photos.

Can you guys chip in with any experiences you've had with them? Anything I should be looking out for?


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Owning one myself I can say it's the best car I've ever owned. The DSG box is sublime and changes gears seemlessly. The engine has loads of torque and no lag being naturally aspirated. The fact audi fit a VR6 engine into a hatchback with four wheel drive is genius and makes for an unbelievable driving experience.

The main things to watch out for is the timing chain/tensioner and the gear box as these are gonna be the things that sting you. I test drove 4 before finding mine and all of them had timing chain rattle from stretching. From the research I did I learnt that audi changed the design of the chain in 2006 and no longer embossed each link with the audi logo. They also changed the tensioner and this is said to have solved the issue. So personally I'd go for post 2006 and I'd listen for any noise coming from that area and avoid if you hear any kind of rattle (I think it sounds like marbles swirling around a metal tin). Then there's the DSG box, make sure the fluid has been changed on schedule... every 4 years or 40k... same for the Haldex for the Quattro system.

Mine is actually for sale at the moment as we're going down to one car. It's not a sport back though, but it is one of the best around in my opinion and only on 66k miles.


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Thanks for the reply!

I actually looked at your advert, very nice car btw. I really need a Sportback for the small ones though.

I had seen a lot of stuff about timing chains giving trouble and the car I'd seen has supposedly had it changed already. It's also a 2005 model. The Haldex is said to have been serviced as per schedule too. I've driven a few diesel DSG cars and really like the way they operate, that coupled to a V6 must be serious fun!

My only problem is I live in Belfast and I'll likely have to go to England or Scotland to get a car I like.

I have one other option that's appealing at the moment - a W211 E350 Mercedes! It's also cheap being what it is and extremely high spec. Also a V6 (280ps approx) with the 7 speed auto box. I can't help but think it's an old man car though.


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Have a 3.2 as well. Yes watch out for timing chain, gearbox servicing and also no holes in exhaust flexi.

Be sure you are happy with the power output and delivery as wanting more means forced induction and a lot of £££.

Also recommend getting it vcds scanned if before purchase as well.


They sound great and go brilliantly in a straight line, but very heavy throughout with the haldex 4wd system and heavy 3.2 engine, and heavier again with the DSG, expect a lot of under-steer and a lumpy handling experience and the only real tuning upgrade is a supercharger.


Having a 2004 3.2 I would say fuel economy is not a strong point and people seem to get variable mpg, I get around 300 miles to the tank but can drop that to 180-200 when pushing it hard.
It has 4 lambda sensors , they are not cheap and can be a bitch to replace but dont go wrong too often , yes I have the dreaded error codes suggesting cam chain stretch but so far (thats jinxed it) itsnot caused me any issues and like I say I have been pushing it hard.
Check the DSG for delay in shifting , mine has about as much lag as a politician is honest and it makes it horrible to drive.
The shocks by now on mine are shot so factor that into your equation, make sure that the although it might have a full service history any other work is documented.
If you are tight on finances or cannot work on it yourself this is not the car for you.
That said when they are running right they are fun and engaging and the sound track is worth it alone :)