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Project Customs limited Leeds

Craig Cull Aug 13, 2018

  1. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Evening everyone, its great to be a sponsor for the forum that inspired me to get my business off the ground. Although a little delayed i thought i would introduce myself with our latest service which helps all enthusiasts alike make their cars their own. Just like me Craig Cullingworth, most know me for the last 4 powerfull quattro Audi's ive built and owned. Check out ny builds @craigcull

    Project Customs is exactly that, for the enthusiast, with the enthusiast and created by the enthusiast. Visit our website to find out more www.projectcustoms.com

    But also....

    Did you know we now offer Finance for any of our packages at £1000 or more……?
    Whether you are wanting an ABT Kit, VW Caddy Face lift conversions, Ngenco Protect – spray on, peel able paint protection, Transporter T5 Facelifts, House of Kolor special effects repaints, Full Colour Changes, Full Repaints, Paint Corrections with Wheels and Calipers Powder coated or a range of our services in one go.
    We can now help make this happen with Finance options available, this is a quick and simple application process, and can all be done online. Please visit our website for the link to apply.


    You can apply for the amount you want first, then get in touch to let us know what services you would like to book in for.

    Project Customs Ltd is an introducer appointed representative of Ideal Sales Solutions Ltd
    T/A Ideal4Finance. Ideal Sales Solutions is a credit broker and not a lender FRN 703401
    Finance available subject to status. Loans of 25000 and above available on a secured basis.
    Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

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  3. graham d'arcy

    graham d'arcy Member

    your second link is missing the S on customs mate, directs you to a different site.
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  4. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    All sorted.
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  5. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Morning all, time to start adding some content from the last 12 months at Project Customs.

    We are currently going through our 2nd phase in refurbishment and alongside our Mclaren Approval we implemented a management restructure, to ensure we continue to offer the best service possible.

    We now have a seperate site for our powder coating services, which means our HQ in Leeds is now fully bodyshop commited, in order to set the experience for our customers.

    Although 50% of our work is direct from our dealer connections, the other 50% is still from our ever expanding network of private customers.

    We still have people contacting us daily for tuning services which is not a service we offer, that said we work very closely with CM Tuning in Leeds. If your needs are of this nature then we usually collaborate the two between us.

    I will update as much as possible without completely over killing the post.

    We may aswell start with Project Customs and CM Tuning's most recent collaborations.

    Feel fee to contact us direct @ www.projectcustoms.com
    Download our mobile app via our website and keep upto date on the move.

    Thanks for takin the time to read, hope you follow us and become part of the fastest growing bodyshop in Leeds!!

    Kind regards

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  6. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Project Customs & CM Tuning

    Maxton Design Widebody R8 V8, with 20" Vossen HF3 double tinted gloss wheels.
    CM Tuned Stage1 :-
    MRC software
    Milltek cat back non resonated exhaust
    With Carbon clean.

    The customer wanted something different and although the ABT option would have been our first option, ABT keep their cars unique by ending their design line after a few years.

    So we grabbed the opportunity to build the first Maxton R8 in the UK.

    You could say it looks a tad different

    We had some great fun working on this car, afterall its our passion!!
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  7. Sandra

    Sandra Administrator Staff Member Administrator Platinum Supporter Audi Main Dealer

    Fantastic Work Craig. Looks awesome. :)
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  8. RS3 S.

    RS3 S. Well-Known Member

    See you tomorrow.
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  9. Craig Cull

    Craig Cull Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Afternoon everyone, again my post will start with an apology as we are just so busy, i sometimes lack the drive after a hard day to update my thread on here. My wife has promised to give me a reminder to update you with some of the amazing cars we manage see on a daily basis.

    Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!!

    Before Christmas i decided to sell my Audi RS6 and change to an older Porsche 911 Turbo MY2008. Main reason was because ive always wanted one, next reason was to target the Porsche owners. So we collaborated with Flatout Media and created this start to finish repaint video.

    As usual in my world nothing stays standard, So we added the Gen 2 rear end and colour coded everything that was black. had all 4 wheels re diamond cut and created probably the cleanest 911 Turbo in existance.

    we hope you take 5 minutes to watch the video, please feel free to comment, like, subscribe and just generally get involved. we would love to hear from you.

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